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How to Add Let’s Encrypt SSL to MaxCDN Custom Domain

Have you ever wondered how you could use the custom domain in Maxcdn with your own dedicated SSL certificate without purchasing their EdgeSSL which cost a whopping $99 per month? The problem is when you install an SSL certificate, you need to either use Maxcdn default domain and their shared SSL certificate to serve the images over HTTPS, or you need to purchase a dedicated SSL from various services providers or from Maxcdn itself.

If you want to use a custom domain such as to deliver static content, images etc. over this domain, you need to install an SSL certificate for this custom domain. Now to use let’s encrypt SSL certificate you first need to install the Let’s Encrypt Wildcard certificate for your domain. For that, your hosting provider must support Let’s Encrypt Wildcard certificates.

Now Let’s Encrypt Wildcard certificates are a great way of protecting multiple subdomains and the root domain with a single certificate. And we will use this Wildcard certificate to install the SSL certificate over our sub-domain in Maxcdn panel. So without wasting any time let’s see How to Add Let’s Encrypt SSL to MaxCDN Custom Domain with the help of the below-listed guide.

How to Add Lets Encrypt SSL to MaxCDN Custom Domain

Make sure to  create a restore point  just in case something goes wrong.

Method 1: Make sure to Install Let’s Encrypt Wildcard certificates

1. Login into your Hosting and then head over to domain management or SSL Certificate.

2. Next, enter your domain name and email address, then checkmark “Wildcard SSL” and click Confirm.

3. Once the changes are saved, you will need to add a new CNAME shown in the above screen.

4. Finally, you will be able to use https with your domain name.

5. You may need to install the “ Really Simple SSL ” plugin and change URL settings in your WordPress admin or your CMS setup.

Source:  How to Install a Let’s Encrypt Wildcard Certificate

Method 2: Download your Wildcard Certificate through FTP/SFTP

1. Open FileZilla then enters the details such as Host, Username, Password, & Port.

Note: If you don’t have the above details, contact your hosting support, and they will provide you with the above details.

2. Now navigate to your Applications folder in your SFTP then click on SSL folder.

3. Download the server.crt and server.key as you will later need both of these files.

Method 3: Install Let’s Encrypt Wildcard Certificate for Custom Domain in MaxCDN

1. Open your favourite browser and navigate MaxCDN login or go here:

2. Enter your email and password to login to your MaxCDN account.

3. Once you see your MaxCDN dashboard click on Zones.

4. Under Pull Zones, click on the “View Pull Zones” button.

5. On the next screen, click on the down arrow next to “Manage” next to your CDN Url under your pull zone.

6. From the drop-down click on SSL.

7. You will be direct to SSL settings, now from the left-hand section click on “Dedicated SSL“.

8. Now you will need to upload a new certificate to your MaxCDN account to use it. And for that, you will need the following details:

SSL Certificate (Cert)
Certificate Authority (CA) Bundle

9. Next, you will need to enter the details in the above fields as:

a) Name: In this field, you will need to use the following: (domain)-(counter)-(expiration date) For example, I want to use my domain and the custom name which I want to use with MaxCDN is, so in name field, I will be using: (

b) SSL Certificate (Cert): In this field, you will need to upload your Let’s Encrypt Wildcard Certificate which you download from your hosting. Open the .crt file (Security Certificate) with notepad which you download above and copy only the first part of this Certificate and paste it inside this SSL Certificate (Cert) field.

c) SSL Key: You will need to provide the Private Key for the above certificate in this field. Open the server.key file with notepad and again copy & paste its entire content in the SSL key field.

d) Certificate Authority (CA) Bundle: In this field, you will need to copy the second part of the Certificate from the .crt file (Security Certificate). Open the server.crt with notepad and copy the second part of the certificate and paste in inside the Certificate Authority (CA) Bundle field.

10. Once you have filled out the above details, click on Upload.

11. After the SSL certificate successfully installs, from the “Choose an uploaded certificate” drop-down select the certificate you just uploaded and click on Install.

13. That’s it you have successfully installed a Dedicated certificate your custom domain in MaxCDN.


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That’s it you have successfully learned How to Add Let’s Encrypt SSL to MaxCDN Custom Domain but if you still have any questions regarding this tutorial then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.